Any chance I have made a BIG IMPACT in your life, family, church, or community- would you HELP ME impact others by financially sponsoring me for missions each month?

Whether it is $25 or $1000 a month - it all makes a difference.

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First, I want to apologize. I have not done a good job of sharing what I have been doing in ministry or the need that I have for your financial support to be a partner with me in the harvest. I currently have 2 monthly supporters totaling $150 which goes towards covering a few general costs. I’m hoping to change that. Your giving allows me to serve as a missionary and pastor in the ways I want to outline below.

I have not had a salary of any kind in the last two years with the exception of a stipend from First Priority for 6 months, but their funding couldn’t continue to support us and as I outlined above - I stink at raising funds.

For the past two years, my husband, Dean and I have been carrying the costs of ministry, travel, weekly feeding young people, and tons of coffee ministry time. We are thankful for the opportunity to do so, and still want to continue outreach in our community and globally, but I need your help to keep going. I will also be working on supplementing my ministry support with some contracting with churches hopefully (poke around my site). I love that I am also part of a pastoral team that encourages me to minister not only within our church, but in our community and globally as well - so shout out to Seeds Church!

In My Own City of Murfreesboro:

I continue to reach youth and young people in our city including through our Young Adult Bible Study on Thursdays that is made up of young people from approximately 9-10 churches, and has been happening for almost 2 years now. It is currently in conjunction with Seeds Church City Groups, which makes up the largest group denominator. It was The Experience & World Outreach for the longest time.

I will start back in October 2018 coordinating Take The City Worship, Evangelism & Outreach. We will be inviting churches to join us after taking a summer break due to being on the global mission field so much this summer. Part of our weekly outreach will be on MTSU College Campus. We also have a campus ministry that started this year at Cumberland University in Mt. Juliet/Lebanon area of TN.

We will also be leading a free Student Summit for teenagers in Mt. Juliet with several youth groups attending. We want it to be available to all students to come and not only hear the Good News, but to also learn how to share it with others.

I am making available to anyone in our community, my local church, as well as outside of our community the availability for a 9 month mentorship through our LIVING CALLED series. It includes podcasts, teachings, devotions and more! I offer it free with a suggested donation if possible though definitely not required.

I am also making available for others join me in my LEADING CALLED 12 month leadership course that will also consist of podcasts, teachings, devotions and “homework” and can be done from anywhere.

I am also the Discipleship & Outreach Pastor at a local church plant, called Seeds Church. No, I do not get paid. (I know that is what you were thinking about in your head) Some have assumed I am paid by them, but being that they are only a year old - finances are not available for that, but they do support A Called Generation with giving almost $2700 towards what we were doing: $1400 to pay for education of children in Uganda as well as approximately $1300 this year for general budget items including travel expense, admin need, etc. I am so thankful for their prayer and support and their heart to be in our community serving and will be a main church partner to serve with Take the City. They support me with understanding the need to be in the city 50-75% of the time and the other 25-%50 of time being on the global mission field.

Around the Globe So Far in 2018

So far this year, here is what I’ve been doing:

January, 2018: I took a team to Washington, DC to serve at David’s Tent DC as well as I spoke at a Ugandan Congregation in Maryland.

February, 2018: I was invited to go to Every Home For Christ in Colorado Spring, Colorado and was trained to become an official Church Trainer for them. This means that I can offer FREE training to churches to equip and encourage their church to share the Gospel with their city. INVITE ME TO YOUR CHURCH.

March/April, 2018: Stayed on the home front serving in my city as well as working behind the scenes for our busy missions summer that was coming up. I had a lot of Zoom meetings as well. I also piloted my Fruit-Bearing Family E-Course that lasted 8 weeks with people joining from 6 states. Not too bad for the first go around and figuring out what I’m doing. I am still trying to write the book for it. Prayers would be appreciated.

May, 2018/June 2018: I led a team to Uganda where we ministered as a team approximately 30 different times, within 3 different church networks including pastoral training, preaching, teaching, training and also ministering in schools. We also did a lot of door to door evangelism with salvations and healings to show for it - It was time well spent. We also left some of our missionaries on the ground: 2 girls for an extra 2 weeks, 1 of our guys for an extra 6 weeks and finally, 1 of the guys stayed back for an extra 10 weeks. We are planning on going back next year. Read more in our 2019 LOOK AHEAD section.

When I got back, I also went to Kansas City with Seeds Church Youth to the BOLD Conference. It was a great time spending time with our teens and celebrating what God was doing in stirring up their hearts to be bold in their faith.

July 2018: Dean and I went to Fredericksburg, VA for the ATD Regional & National Team Conference. (ATD stands for Awaken the Dawn) This year’s vision for ATD was instead of doing 50 worship tents in DC like in 2017, there would be a 50 state tents on their state capitals in addition to college campuses as well. I was the Region 7 Outreach Coordinator. It was so encouraging seeing people from all over the country come together to pray and worship together with one purpose - for our nation to know the power of God and His love for them.

August, 2018: Dean and I went to Ireland in response to feeling that God stirred Ireland in my heart almost 2 years exactly prior to that date. I didn’t know anyone nor did I have the finances to do it. We prayed that if it is something that God had for us and A Called Generation, then God will line things up. The first thing he did was reconnect us with an old youth leader how had moved away messaged me to say she felt like God had told her to send me a plane ticket for somewhere. I just cried while shopping in Walmart when I got the message. He then continued to line things up by putting me in connection with a German who lives in Ireland and is married to a Malaysian (where they are from is not of importance really - I just think it is too cool!). They became friends and even came to stay with us. He (Malte) also met us in Uganda in June as part of our team. He and his wife, Andrea, allowed us to stay in their AirBnb. To see more about what the future holds in Ireland, see our 2019 LOOK AHEAD section.

September, 2018: Awaken the Dawn was September 27-29. We had a worship & prayer night for Middle Tennessee State University indoors due to rain (made set up sooo easy!) and our team led worship at the TN state capital to close out the weekend. So many reports came out of the weekend across the country. We are thankful for the ATD team and all that they did.

October, 2018: Our LIVING CALLED and LEADING CALLED courses kick off. We are also kicking off our A Called Generation Network.

2019- A LOOK AHEAD- coming soon

APP: Our APP will be done soon that will allow folks to listen to our podcasts, get updates, see upcoming events and sign up for things we do.

IRELAND: We are hoping to train and send a youth ministry intern to a partner church Dublin in addition to having a Student Summit & Fruit-Bearing Family Summit. We are also praying for God to stir hearts of people who would be willing to go to Ireland long term as house church missionaries as the pastors their told us that it is better to invite folks to your home then ease them in to traditional church. MORE INFO COMING ON WHY THAT IS. We will also take a team, Lord willing, to Ireland and a few other European countries for evangelism.

UGANDA: We are hoping to take a few teams in June 2019 to do what we did this year in addition to adding a medical missions team and possibly two youth groups. We will basically have several teams on the ground at the same time with different team leaders.

CAMPUSES: We are hoping to extend our campus ministry to other smaller college campuses focusing on exchange student outreach in addition to the other things we offer to young people.